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 Post subject: Some optional background to iON:
PostPosted: July 9th, 2010, 5:37 am 
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Posted at fivebodied.com on Oct.25/09:

[Exactly three decades ago today (Oct.24/79 - Maui time), I stood on Toronto's Yonge St. in front of my optometrist's office and, for the first time, saw myself from a distance without my glasses on.

As I marveled at my visage in the store window/mirror, I thought of Sue Bone, longtime Dobbstown agent, as she winged to Moscow for her first reconnaissance mission on my behalf.

It was the first day I was wearing contact lenses. I subsequently threw them away a few years later - too much hassle putting them in and taking them off during the, for me, hectic and dangerous Eighties as I moved up the food-chain of the Solar Government.

Low-tech served me better and brought me to the mountain.

And now I am looking at myself from a good distance again with the new kind of lens you're wearing.

The old lens/formula provided for you for the last 30 years was the following:

1. Best top-down analysis: Lyndon LaRouche and Mae Brussell

2. Best bottom-up analysis: Marshall McLuhan and Frank Zappa

3. Best mystical analysis: J. Krishnamurti and William Irwin Thompson

4. Best Android Meme analysis: Dr. Peter Beter and Arthur Kroker

Specialist cures for specialist ills. But, ideally, I recommended a strategy of moving from the ones suggested above (that you were naturally inclined to benefit from) to the others on the list that you might not initially find interesting or useful. The goal was to create in yourself a comprehensive non-specialist approach of suspended judgment. For those lucky enough to get the drift and make the effort, ecstasy was your eventual reward.

All the while I offered myself as the exemplar of this technique of convergence and complementary juggling of the four platforms. However today, the victory over the Android Meme that I pushed for has been realized. Bucky Fuller's nineteenth-century dream of a World Design Management environment has been established with many more aspects than he expected - especially the "figuring" of the Mystery Landscape which I, alone probably, predicted.

So what to do with the old lens? It can and will be used since the forensic analysis it provided is still necessary for those - young, old, and/or indeterminate - who believe they can avoid their secular disappearance. Once through that "vanishing point", the Mystery Landscape (ML) of re-appearance beckons. I, of course, remain the most helpful guide in that valley. So, be forewarned, when you don the new lens, that it unveils these cracks:

1. Best top-down analysis of the ML: the Android Meme (via the after-image of the pyramid)

2. Best bottom-up analysis of the ML: the Android Meme (via the after-image of the pentad)

3. Best mystical analysis of the ML: iON (via the after-image of the fractal)

4. Best android meme analysis of the ML: Bob Dobbs (anamorphosis)

None of the above new refractions has any particular advantage over the other. The recommended approach is still one of juggling the four new aspects, while the asymptote is expectation of more Mystery Bodies.

Just sayin' ... ]

Bob Dobbs

 Post subject: Re: Some optional background to iON:
PostPosted: July 10th, 2010, 12:32 am 

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Thanks for the wooo..woo Bob

 Post subject: Re: Some optional background to iON:
PostPosted: July 10th, 2010, 11:07 am 
As discussed on Cashflow 7/7, is also noted in My journal on 7/4.
Perfect Timing.
"the world is a circle. No beginning,No ending."

Bob, are you looped? ( recall Sheila's cashflow inquiry...iON's reply)
I reckin' one may notice a looping of their own reality from time to time....


 Post subject: Re: Some optional background to iON:
PostPosted: November 15th, 2010, 5:28 am 
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Sleeper! wrote:
Bob and I recently discussed the current state of interactive gaming. I neglected to point to two important terms:

1. Amusement Park Games
2. Sandbox Games

The amusement park game (such as WOW) is written by the programmer. A predetermined set of challenges are laid out and the user follows them to gain rewards.

Sandbox games (Everquest, Mortal Online) claim to offer an environment where one can choose their own fate, build and react to obstacles created by other players and ultimately self-determine what is 'success'.

Ironically, I personally enjoy the competitive spirit of online gaming (versus the more popular role-playing environments) where I'd rather be 1v1 in Starcraft or with my team again another in Counter-Strike than killing ten more rats but it's important (as media observers) to see the merging of the PVP and the sandbox in virtual engagement.

Please share your personal experiences in these genres....!!! ION hasn't played in this 'Virtual Sandbox' as of yet.

BOB: Probe on an updated TINY NOTE chart:


Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern in LL quadrant

Martha Stewart and Larry Flint in MM quadrant

Oprah Winfrey and Art Bell in WIT quadrant

Simpsons/MIcrosoft Bob and Half-Life: Counter-Strike/World of Warcraft [AMUSEMENT PARK GAMES] in Kroker quadrant

Me and EGs/[SANDBOX GAMES] in Dobbs quadrant.

Bob Dobbs

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