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 Post subject: CASH FLOW: 27 Chapters (9/15/10 to 3/16/11)
PostPosted: January 28th, 2011, 3:06 am 
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"there are lots of ARKangels" 2-22:06
"you are separating NP from P but we are merging them" 2-45:28
Rembrandt (first time) 3-8:15
beeps 3-12:14
"Templardom, Christendom, then iONdom" 3-36:52

triangulation 2-17:50
iON and creation 2-31:20
difference between iON and Evergreens, Dave Worcester, etc. 2-42:49
iON is a "teabagger" 2-48:02
iON on "Fringe" 2-51:39
post-suicide thoughts 3-36:48
the bread of life and living water 3-39:40
new computer details 3-40:55 and 51:50
"22" 3-43:20 and 52:10
Bucky Fuller 3-54:10

right vs wrong 1-7:50
Source Energy vs the toaster/toast 1-14:50
the Zen no-dream 1-20:25
JJ Abrams 1-21:22
Bob as Illuminati 1-22:30
Mazlan Othman ("last contact") 1-23:00
Bob going to the post office 1-23:55
reading Ron's emailing 1-27:30
iON’s rant on Bob's "naaaah" 1-28:50
iON mentions my red carpet stain 1-35:55
astrology 1-37:02 and 2-47:10
Elijah's cup 1-39:50
rant on JFK, LBJ, and Bob 1-40:20
cashless society and Compass Bank 1-42:40
definition of the iPhone and its tinyness 1-48:30
definition of "abject" 1-49:50
iON doing a Chinese show 1-51:50
Bob is the most powerful person whoever lived 1-53:50
Bob says "fuck you" to iON 2-4:04
definition of "contrast" 2-6:20
iON’s rant on "The Event" 2-8:35
Chromosome 14 in "The Event" 2-25:25
Dave Worcester's wilderness days 2-25:50
the TIME conspiracy in "The Event" 2-26:05
instant replay as art form in "The Event" 2-26:30
rip-off of “Flash Forward” in "The Event" 2-27:40
"stink bugs are comin'!" 2-29:15
Morgellon's disease 2-29:30
offer to buy our domain name (we have a spontaneous "board meeting") 2-36:25
debunking Alfred Webre's concept of changing TIME 2-37:10
new dual/split-fuel burner technology 2-38:30
labyrinth of the mind caused by duality (our first extension - "twin flames" and twins in FW and dual burner) 2-39:00
"delicious, delectable Alannah" and the I Ching 2-40:50
candida yeast 2-41:20
deja vu, vuja de, and lucid dreaming 2-42:02
"disgusting Alana" 2-42:50
iON describes the political differences from us in parallel world #12 2-49:10
iON interprets a caller's feared "vision" and notes the mark on her hand 2-51:10
Cheryl likes Carolyn's magnesium book 2-52:00
"limit it to your middle kingdom, your Now" (iON is flexible) 2-53:30
five huge trends in social media 3-2:52
Mother Theresa and essence vs. soul 3-8:10
salt and light 3-11:30
rant on Aretha Franklin 3-21:01
clothing changes for parallel worlding 3-22:10
iON predicts Germaine's designs 3-25:55 and 27:55
Sheila's question about Rembrandt is re-asked 3-29:22
iON says WTF 3-32:20
iON defines McLuhan's motive 3-32:50
asaScott and "Legion" 3-34:02
Pastor Eddie Long 3-40:30
Bob's martial law response (iON adds satire of Pami’s mortgage situation) 3-44:25
iON cites Eddie Murphy's "Golden Child" 3-46:30
tullah and the financial crash 3-47:22
Barbara's 7-year old son asks about God 3-48:00
people's multi-selves are relatively different 3-49:44
Pami confirms iON 3-50:34
aboriginal cultures that don't use pluperfect tense or participles 3-52:10
Germaine was talking earlier to JW2 3-53:02
MJ writes in about his new fashion career 3-53:40
iON mentions the services of eczema 3-54:14
iON ends by saying we should go to a 5-hour show 3-54:38

"edges, pivots, and angles" 1-3:09
Baudrillard on mysticism and Warhol 1-6:04
Sheila's 2nd question on Rembrandt 1-12:20
the wall and mortar/stone 1-26:30
Second Coming and Christ Consciousness 3-35:20
iON comments on the judge scandal in the 11th district for "Green Bra" 1-36:50
authority in the family 1-39:30
power in the wood carver or sculptor 1-40:22
no creativity in the art curator 1-41:30
power with the decanter 1-43:10
"coming into your power" (tallest midget in the world and Unknowns Anonymous) 1-44:10
how the earth got created (from Max, 7) 2-5:35
iON refers to dobbstown in the Bible 2-8:30
iON is today's Daniel Ellsberg 2-9:15
the Physical precedes the Non-Physical 2-11:02
more on the mortar (loosening the reins) 2-11:25
Robert Monroe Institute 2-13:55
tithing to Melchizedek 2-19:58
part of telephone bill goes to Spanish-American war (1898) debt 2-20:48
more on mortar (power of your words) 2-23:44
2741 Statem Way (for Guru) 2-27:30
portaling dog 2-27:50
seven dwarfs' "hi ho hi ho" (happy at work) 2-31:40
Bill Gates as pw and Melinda 2-32:50
John Edwards 2-36:25
Ralph Duby and David Worcester 2-39:10
no "multiverse" 2-40:20
China and the aliens 2-43:40
iON's rant on Bob's 5 bodies 2-49:50
HAARP 2-50:55
anti-gravity device 3-33:28
Sheila’s walls in her painting 3-39:25
Mind as a transponder for RAM 3-41:35
Source of Earl’s email on the door’s hinge (“double-acting door”) 3-45:29
no such thing as “time-travel” 3-49:45
iON does a Moses rant 3-54:15

Bob’s definition of “words”
definition of the mind 1-36:20
mescaline short-circuits the mortared stones that were set 1-38:36
Bob and James caused the crash 1-49:22
Bob’s crash course/seminar 1-52:10
State of the Un-iON addresses 1-52:55
bootlegging the kingdom 2-10:15
Bob as coded 2-14:30
Humpty Dumpty 2-15:55
numbers as angles 2-17:40
numbers were here before (answer to first hour debate) 2-19:38
Terence McKenna’s DMT cartoon visions 2-22:50
JW saw Bob’s mother at the beginning 2-23:46
transitioning, transforming, ascending 2-40:10
remembering 2-42:40
Anti-Christ and HAARP 2-46:05
Tower of Babel and “clicking” language in Africa 2-48:10
“desire” defined 2-51:01
Mayor of Mississauga 2-51:58
Leviticus (“year of jubilee”) and Bob & Carolyn 2-53:20
iON, the 5 bodies, and mortar 3-4:11
the “essence” (smell) vs the “soul” 3-8:32
science vs magick 3-9:10
why JW sees pictures 3-10:55
mirror/wall poem for Sheila 3-12:53
more on the “doorknob” from the first hour 3-21:50
“Immortal” vs mortal 3-23:19
big feathers coming into fashion 3-26:45
“Vance” Gogh and the Hubble telescope 3-27:20
Arkangel Metatron 3-32:10
The colon (:) and doppelgangers 3-35:50
The 3 Jesuses and the 5 JWs (monadic?) 3-42:20
Samaritans 3-48:04 and 50:21
“mosquitoes” are mentioned as I was swatting a mosquito 3- 49:09
Thoth (and Dame Edna) 3-51:45
Genius and insanity are both psychological disorders 3-52:40
Suicide 3-53:00

JW, Chad and Peggy’s Malt Shop
“Immortals” are physical without a soul 1-14:05
Pine Gap and ley lines (31st-33rd parallels) 1-15:20
Moses’ Exodus from Egypt and “wind setdown” 1-18:20
experience in the GUF 1-23:30
“connecting” with our NP 1-32:10
function of the mind and the mortar 1-32:35
iON defines McLuhan 1-34:10
grasshoppers on the fourth floor and JW’s similar experience
there are no extinct species 1-37:30
“Green Bra”’s project to bring in a sample soul 1-40:28 and 43:22 and 45:05
Tea Party prediction brag by iON 1-41:35
5-bodied merger created by Bob 1-43:50
un-iON of the stated 1-44:50
more on “Green Bra”’s project to bring in a soul (James’ grandmother or Walter Bowart) 1-46:25
discussion with a “standby soul” 1-51:50
adding “ion” to a word/Clive Baxter/Uri Geller 2-3:02
John Lennon and transponders 2-17:39
love as a force field and circuitry as a force field 2-25:50
cold fusion 2-26:40
CERN discovers parallel worlds 2-27:42
iON makes fun of James’ begging 2-30:20
Ouspensky 2-31:40
“sheeeiiit” from "The Wire" 2-32:02
iON makes fun of the TailGaters 2-34:45
Sheila asks about “relationships” and co-hosting a party in the middle kingdom 2-36:52
we created the dinosaurs (we were here before them) 2-47:25
Moses did not create the separation and the Ark was an individual effect 2-48:32
individuals moving to Shangri-la 2-51:28
Chris says we’re making him feel happier 2-53:40
Moses isn’t what we thought about him 2-53:55
Bob says the show is better with Carolyn 3-4:10
how men and women think differently 3-7:02
fraudulent Greek history 3-10:35
Tommy Hilfiger sold his company to Polo and activated his chip body with a radio network 3-14:15
Hedda Hopper and “Furry Lint” 3-22:04
Jesus as dogma 3-30:05
D-Cell 3-30:52
How many human beings exist 3-31:22
Greek ruins are not fake 3-32:35
Books are fake history 3-33:20
iON makes fun of James again 3-34:28
Chris Sarantakos 3-35:45
We can change the past 3-36:24
Sheila’s art query on Bougereau’s “Venus” 3-36:44
Earl loved the first hour of Oct.13/10 and explains Bob and Carolyn as archetypes 3-39:02
Carolyn calls in 3-41:09
Oct.13 “cloaking of the UFOs” 3-44:14
more from Earl’s eloquence 3-44:22
why be eternal? 3-48:22
we lose iON 3-48:44
Carolyn praises Earl’s emails 3-49:25
“Free thinkers and non-conformists are now officially mentally ill” says the DSM4 3-49:54

TIPS-phatic profits and debts
“did, did, did”
not “yes” but “Do!” and new iPad advertising (“It’s the Super Bowl everyday!”) 1-21:20
DISH Network is now vulnerable 1-24:10
What’s the soul do after one transitions and after the Guf empties
“all sex is masturbation” 1-41:10
Chromosome 14 recording and addiction 1-41:59
iON makes a funny doper’s cough 1-43:53
Bob regrets the word “non-physical” and bans it 1-44:50
synchronicity when listening to the archives 1-46:22
“Immortals” (can’t transition) and “Eternals” (don’t want to transition) 1-49:06
iON mentions 8 selves for the first time 1-50:22
message to client about euros and why the Dow is up 1-50:38
non-physical doesn’t talk to us 1-51:35
Clint Eastwood’s “Hereafter” 1-52:33
Doowop songs 2-5:58
Office of Naval Intelligence is not so powerful 2-9:14
Vesica piscis 2-9:53
yttrium 2-11:53
new species showing up 2-13:10
“Skyline” website/movie 2-14:57
ufos (including iON) 2-23:25
“Squidbillies”’ 9/11 t-shirts 2-27:55
iON does THE WIRE 2-32:45
iON mentions “living water” 2-34:45
Prop 19 will pass 2-35:06
AIDS panic 2-39:05
Gary Null and juicing 2-39:41
Where did doubt come from? 2-41:18
iON gives advice to “Green Bra” on the Tarot 2-42:52
consciousness undoes Infinity 2-44:04
“42” came from Queen Victoria 2-44:35 and her desk papers 2-47:40
iON states the “soap, rinse and spin” metaphor 2-46:20
android meme is “42” (metaphor squared) 2-47:50
Larry succeeds in telling Bob something 2-48:13
visualization must be spoken 2-48:20
Dickens’ “Dobbs” 2-50:10
Len Horowitz’s “fa so la” healing 2-53:10 and 3-6:40
iON explains the “Louisville slugger” effect 3-7:20
Bob’s whorehouse joke 3-7:40
Michelle Obama (Android Meme) is worth $3 billion to the fashion industry 3-9:05
Chinese workers own America 3-14:20
“Contact” movie 3-16:40
Lady Gaga hits a billion views and outsells Justin Bieber 3-18:40
Michelle Obama can whup Barack 3-19:40
George Clarke’s Chaplin woman with a mobile phone 3-20:30
Janis Joplin got her music from the future 3-22:22
more on Chromosome 14 3-25:35
Legend’s spider mites 3-29:30
sine/cosine and Theta waves 3-30:43
Bob says Carolyn is the tallest midget 3-33:56
megahertz frequency that knocked down the walls of Jericho and mortar 3-35:10
tullah’s complaint about us 3-36:30
Akito’s eye worm-vision from the future 3-40:40
iON says Bob runs the New World Order 3-43:30
John Stadtmiller’s tantrum 3-44:54
Samaria is Nirvana 3-47:34
“nothing to clean up” 3-48:20
the stars are populated by us and so are our immediate planets 3-48:50
Sheila’s art question on Bougereau’s utopia 3-49:25
power vs authority 3-51:45
we make fun of Ron 3-52:00
iON says All Saints Day is for recognizing the “recently unquieted dead” (souls) 3-53:20
iON defines the “recently unguieted dead” 3-53:30 and 54:01
why the earth is expanding but this isn’t causing the earthquakes and volcano eruptions 3-54:16

Carolyn’s trip to Dubai – the whole first hour
killing ants 2-5:18
Tim loved his reading and has no more diet 2-7:20
Alison asks about reincarnation, parallel-worlding, and the Guf 2-9:30
Lady Gaga is more than one person 2-16:14 and 18:22
Bob announces JW has 8 selves 2-17:45
iON announces Bob is head of the Secret Council of Ten 2-18:07
Lynette’s “private reading” begins 2-19:30
iON mentions Carolyn’s “fractal indentations that are marked” are now normal for her 2-20:49
iON mentions musicians’ “tonality or half-step modulations” as anomalies 2-22:01
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s fast shallow river 2-31:18
a bend in the river caused by erosion and sediment (iON also says she’s now having a reading) 2-35:15
Lynette is holding back the Yellowstone caldera 2-38:15
looking at the arrhythmia (or sinus rhythm) of the heart’s ventricals’ circularity isn’t the same as the river’s meandering-flow movement 2-38:35
erasing the 3-kingdom model 2-39:41
iON changes price of Starbuck’s coffee down to $4.00 2-40:12
the LARGE now 2-40:28
iON mentions Homer and the Iliad re: portals 2-45:11
iON gives credit to Ed Long for starting the Revelations Revealed series 2-46:13
iON (product of the “thinning of the veil”) parallels the opening of the portals on 4/15/10 2-47:30
iON mentions JW’s orgasm via iON 2-48:32
we identified the “veil” with the printing press 2-49:00
iON says Bob gets things done by grunting 2-49:19
iON says CASH FLOW (as mortar) is a “portal” experience and is like porn’s effect on the Internet 2-49:27
how we are conditioned 2-51:19
Lynette says nobody else is a “God” (everyone else is non-physical) 2-52:06
iON mentions how Bob is frustrated with iON and then forgets and then gets it and then it’s ready for the world 2-52:34
Bob’s going to the Post Office 2-53:07
Melchizedek’s downfall from tithing is like Bob going to the Post Office 2-53:42
iON confirms Bob is creating a new society 2-54:03
Bob says he’s going to the Post Office for Lienette (Sarah Palin’s pronunciation) 2-54:54
Jesus’s parable of the talents 3-3:45
Carlos the Jackal 3-5:18
Pami is going to L’Hermitage in L.A. 3-9:51
Tina on stone, mortar, and rocks 3-14:06
“words are the only thing that are physical” 3-21:15
Sheila’s art question: Da Vinci’s “St. John the Baptist” wasn’t the last painting (Phaust added stuff later) 3-30:25
Da Vinci’s “Merkabah” explained, and the Plato-Aristotle gestural dialectic, and the Mona Lisa smile on St. John (vs the Ottoman Empire) 3-31:36
Carolyn on the beaches in Dubai 3-34:27
iON on the RNA (and the shifts in the body) in the Bible 3-35:56
the sun is not burning from fusion, it’s fission 3-37:36
why Mercury and Venus don’t burn up 3-39:28
partying because the global debt has been cancelled 3-39:43
the words spoken on the half-fake Apollo moon shot 3-41:43
hollow earth theory 3-43:09
Dubai’s real estate crash 3:43:49
Duffy’s singing style 3-45:33
Barbara’s dog came back!! 3-46:30
The body’s eternal nature 3-47:34
iON explains the movie “Death Becomes Her” 3-48:35
iON says we don’t need to take care of our bodies 3-49:13
Carolyn’s last clinic 3-49:36
iON’s response to the radio audience as opposed to a private reading 3-50:40
Michael Jackson’s kids put down his new album 3-52:10
8 JW’s now (Bob says “fuck”) 3-52:30
Bob says there’s only one “Bob” 3-53:01

origins of Halloween and the “recently unquieted dead” 1-7:32
how to manifest a million dollars 1-11:17
iON says Bob doesn’t say “riiight” anymore 1-16:39
iON says NP can now create 1-27:12
Bob’s brag about his new society 1-45:47
Bob mentions the “Post Office” 1-46:44
Ginny calls in and plugs the Revelations series 1-46:58
money is not a force field 1-49:09
Ginny drops the NP 1-50:15
Bob says nobody has slept, yet 1-52:05
iON does well on the “relationship” question 2-5:25
McLuhan said “words make their own spaces” 2-13:41
Proposition 19 2-16:29
Bob hints at his “dirty deeds” 2-19:42
Legends/symbols 2-24:20
China has the top computer 2-25:29
Missile off the coast of California 2-25:55
It’s bad for the “little men” today 2-28:24
iON does a rant on bliss 2-36:02
archetypal body types 2-46:33
“as above, so below” 2-50:08
Sheila’s art question: Da Vinci a pw? 3-29:22
Shroud of Turin 3-33:08
Government Motors’ IPO and Hillary Clinton’s trip to Maybank 3-35:51
making street lights go out 3-39:42
embedded “fuck you, asshole” 3-40:32 and 40:41
words are the only physical 3-41:22
missile launch off the California coast 3-42:33
cotton prices are going up 3-44:34
Bob’s buying up all the world’s land 3-45:10
Carolyn’s buying up the deserts 3-47:35
Maria is not in the same Spain 3-50:36
Cliff High’s failed prediction for Nov.14 3-51:16
Scrying/dowsing explained 3-51:33
“I GIVE UP!!” 3-52:43
listener hears a very relaxing intense vibration in his inner ear 3-53:06
Obama’s trip to Indonesia 3-53:24
iON refers to asaScott’s “skanky whore” 3-54:13

snake-swimming-in-water metaphor leading to mortar/stone talk
“Fringe” = Cash Flow 1-21:10
Comedic timing 1-32:52
more “Fringe” = Cash Flow 1-38:20
iON does well with an abused caller 1-44:30
Sutton Place in New York City 2-4:38
Caller’s business in Greece 2-10:20
more on Sutton Place in New York City 2-15:58
iON answers a caller with bad static 2-21:02
why iON can now create and Bob predicted it 2-26:14
waiting for Bill to confirm the embedded “fuck you, asshole” on an earlier Cash Flow 2-30:01
why the Fall happened and the “patch” put on Chromosome 14 2-33:43 and 36:02
why iON likes Carolyn 2-37:22
Sheila’s art question: Durer and the angels 2-40:14
announce new readings’ style as solitary 2-49:44
letters and mortar 2-50:32
the frequency of iON is 4685 mhz 2-54:02
a “geo-helix duality” 3-7:08
iON says a very unique statement about eternity 3-9:08
iON is correct about the secret Tom Ford show 3-11:01
JW’s 1 and now 2 3-27:49
“you don’t have personalities” 3-28:49
iON talks about the types of our audience 3-32:15
zip code 10022 in NYC 3-38:50
iON names the angel called “Maala” for Sacha 3-44:56
more on today’s Chromosome 14’s effects 3-45:37
words are the spiraling nebulae 3-48:43
becoming trapped in words/concepts 3-49:24
Hawaiian honoponopono 3-49:34
Bob says no more stupid questions 3-50:09
Carolyn is caught with a different elapsed phone time because she evaded some of the show 3-51:38
iON does a rant on the equality of humans 3-52:44
activating our RNA (the new totem) 3-54:12
Bob explains what he means by “Post Office” 3-54:50

Bob’s earthquake
James’ private reading
Bristol Palin 1-8:34
TSAholes and Obamacare 1-9:10
iON hears Bob hoick up 1-14:32
China and Russia vs the dollar 1-14:51
controlling the Chip Body 1-16:12
iON’s great idea on how to cancel one’s mortgage debt 1-22:28
Bristol Palin as VP candidate 1-29:04
Chris Story and Foundation X 1-29:25 ( and “running money through Syria” at 1-38:03 and “from Egypt to Auschwitz” at 1-40:49)
James’ “portaling fever” 1-41:37
how Bob knew the earthquake 1-41:59
Death and “little deaths” 1-46:23
Revelations’ “little book” 1-47:41
Definition of “intention” and the “dance of thought among words” 1-47:48
Edgard Varese 2-4:04
social media 2-6:42
iON’s funny rant on TSAhole surgery 2-29:21 (Bob calls iON an “asshole”)
7-year old Max calls in 2-30:16
how to use the 6 degrees of separation 2-34:34
iON demonstrates ESP about Brazil 2-40:15
the “fuck you, asshole” on the recording explained by iON 2-41:13
the world of numbers (angles) 2-44:29
why CERN will fail 2-45:29
Obama delineated and then begins to look good 2-46:50
More slavery/discrimination now and the 5 bodies and iON’s “box” rant 2-49:06
ancient Samaritan Hebreloids and Hansel and Gretel’s crumbs lead back to our present DNA strands (because there is no time and we’re not really going backwards in the Bible) 2-50:22
“it’s up to you” explained 2-52:29
Jack Harkness (an Immortal in “Torchwood”), the Face of Boe, Dr. Who, and the “God particle” 2-53:14
The holes in the North Pole 3-22:38
China has been to the moon 3-23:21
U.S. bombing the moon’s face to find water 3-23:31
iON mentions ambient hydrogen and trillium (tritium?) on Jupiter and the moon 3-24:22
there is water on the moon only now 3-25:46
caller is human but from another world 3-26:16
Sarah Palin and her North Korean allies 3-28:07
whether to speak out loud 3-29:35
iON on the Merkabah 3-32:17
emotion and intention 3-39:14
Humpty Dumpty’s ego– 3-41:49
Sheila’s art question on Van Gogh 3-42:40

Bob’s epiphany during Melting Titanium
who’s doing the Wikileaks 1-12:47
Cash Flow is talking with the Guf 1-15:56
no need for triangulation 1-28:57
iON says “quinoa” 1-31:03
definition of “Menippean phatic communion” 1-36:14
Matthew gets validated about the Dec.9/09 show and talks about his family at Thanksgiving 2-7:39
“The Real HouseGagas of iONdom” #1 2-16:07
synchromysticism 2-39:06
“Second Life” 2-43:56
iON can now create in the Chip Body 2-45:54
iON praises Bob for sharing iON (“Bob could stop any time”) 2-46:40
iON does a rant on tweeting 2-47:22
more on “quinoa” 2-48:42
iON won’t comment on Akito’s dream 2-50:19
the kid ghost in the park 2-50:30
the ghost world is changing now 2-51:42
asaScott calls in 2-51:48
there is no zero-point temperature (absolute zero) and there is no “nothingness” (there is a bottom to a rabbit hole) 2-52:58
the vortex has a singularity in its essence 2-54:37
asaScott asks how to build an ark 3-4:49
asaScott asks about astrology, tarot, numerology, aliens, Source, magnets, Bob; asaScott’s carpentry, and Ben Lomond 3-8:26
Nick asks about shape-shifting 3-22:35
the power of Bob’s chart for your recess 3-26:28
more on shape-shifting and “Fringe” 3-29:48
split oneself off to be a football team 3-31:07
NASA finds life here 3-32:32
“alien” lysine in quinoa and strange amino acids 3-34:03
two Debbies will cancel each other out 3-36:28
the “white stone” in Revelation 3-45:09
words that will activate the RNA 3-45:47
Dr. Paul Proteus requests old Bob Neveritt style 3-47:28
“free energy kills control” 3-49:05
Tina’s question about the interval (iON points to the comma and semi-colon) 3-49:55
Alannah has her body changing 3-51:03
Giants chart 3-52:08

bob as Santa Claus
TJ and TJ “ensnared” in the Physical 1-26:22
“it’s all pun to us” 1-49:53
Nick on Bob 2-4:26
Max Keiser on silver market 2-14:50
iON on the palladium (derivative)/platinum (source)/gold market 2-17:49
iON gives Powerball number 2-21:00
Sylvia Browne and Edgar Cayce on Atlantis 2-26:42
iON rant on what we already do (iON = “in other nouns”) 2-38:35
praise for Alison and Sheila by Joe of L.A. 2-42:51
more on angels plus “Wings of Desire” movie 2-44:39
James as visual pun (“mortgage flocker”) 3-5:12
Sheila’s second art question on Van Gogh 3-6:35
Tina’s “Bob/Santa” stone 3-12:58
“Fema Cramp’s” call 3-34:11
iON says “we created chemtrails!” 3-41:24
Robert’s call (“you don’t listen!”) 3-41:33

Spain’s Israeli tribe is “Benjamin” 1-20:37
angels’ offspring 1-20:59
the Flood and the angels 1-23:07
iON does a megaphone “Houston… Houston…” 1-26:35
parents and strollers 1-29:59
hollow earth 1-31:46
Denver airport and the “hollow earth” 1-33:42
iON and ET’s 1-39:27
iON does Stephen Hawking’s voice on ET’s 1-41:25
how many Armageddons have there been (17,434 times) 1-43:32
your umbrellas and the banksters 1:44:36
Maui’s been wiped out but not for us 1-46:43
why iON showed up to Bob 1-48:16
should the Pope wear a condom? 1-48:42
why people go blank with iON 1-49:54
type A personalities 1-53:00
the new Queen (Catherine) 2-12:48
responsibilities and freedom 2-15:35
the modern Ark 2-17:14
iON recommends Angela talk to Germaine 2-22:47
Kardashians are vampires? 2-28:07
iON mentions Face of Boe 2-29:18
sowing and reaping 2-30:14
authority vs power 2-30:57
“The Real HouseGagas of iONdom” #2 2-33:16
3 Jesuses and the angels 2-46:00
Mary and the angel (“Jesus Jizz”) 2-49:02
concept of “proof” 2-49:58
Bob explains how the East goes West… 2-53:35
Germaine does sci-fi fashion 3-15:12
Mark Madoff 3-37:54
Samuel Adams (most royal blood) and the Coggins 3-42:28
it’s where you choose to stop 3-45:02
Sheila’s art question on Salvador Dali 3-45:45
angel blood has no RH factor (like the blood of the ascended) 3-52:59

blood moon
Mayan “seen saw cylinder seen saw” rant by iON 1-18:43
Zappa and “ionization” and discovery 1-27:49
Ginny and her Chromosome 14 tape 1-40:51
“there is no afterworld” 2-11:47
Oak Island treasure in Nova Scotia 2-14:41
Francis Bacon and Hamlet 2-16:22
Third Jesus not offspring of Gabriel and Mary 2-16:28
Nazi gold at Depot St. via City Island 2-16:32
Montauk and 1983 2-18:32
JW and Bob at Coyote Ugly 2-19:12
definition of “slack” 2-20:38
the blood moon eclipse over Maui 2-24:24
more on “slack” 2-26:26
Stanley Kubrick’s death and “Eyes Wide Shut” 2-27:22
Talmud, Jmanuelle, and Moses’ Kaballah 2-28:54
Terence McKenna’s Time and Novelty Theory 2-30:11
“doppleganging bullshit” 2-31:10
iON is anti-environment to speech 2-31:35
Brian’s call about “time is not a false premise” 2-32:34
Tibetans don’t care about “time” and retreat 2-39:47
iON as the new “Glen Beck” 2-41:13
Hitler didn’t write “Mein Kampf” 2-41:53
electrified speech shows us it’s really fragmented 2-43:10
Sheila’s call about her phone bill and being recognized 2-43:31
Bob’s shifting selves and lack of memory 2-51:40
iON guesses Sheila’s next commission 2-54:28
more on Brian’s “false premise vs. illusion” 3-8:56
Alannah wants to know why her body shakes when drifting off 3-12:47
peanut butter sandwich metaphor 3-16:07 and 3-38:52 and 3-39:53 and 3-53:54
Alannah’s Skype was off but she remained in contact 3-24:11
Sue Bone’s question about “Goddess status” (iON puts down the Law of Attraction) 3-24:50
Euro goes from glum to glow in one day 3-27:05
iON blocks on the “quadrillionaire” theme 3-29:16
iON explains Christmas 3-30:38
cingulate gyrus part of the brain 3-35:33
iON’s definition of “singularity” 3-35:58
ruins on the backside of the moon 3-36:11
time and aging 3-36:30
ego-mind and Eckhart Tolle 3-36:45
“eternity”/“light is my muse”s DUPES confusion 3-37:22
Damanhur in Italy 3-38:07
excessive seismographs caused by the blood moon and iON gave secret details referred to earlier (iON makes fun of the “re-laying of the grid”) 3-40:27
Benjamin Fulford nonsense – 3-41:44
Carolyn says “Unknowns Anonymous” 3-43:17
iON makes fun of “low definition” TV 3-43:27
Carolyn’s funny 3-44:07
More on “slack” 3-46:08
David Blaine as illusionist 3-47:56
more on Damanhur 3-48:36
more on Eckhart Tolle 3-49:23
Bob’s 4,000 hours with iON and citric acid 3-49:41
Bob announces Carolyn’s akasha state from 1970 3-51:02
Bob’s “solar government” 3-51:27
iON says “no comment” on the moon’s “jiggly things” and the seismographs 3-51:50
Sheila suggests “angel spunk” 3-52:14
iON tells how to be eternal 3-53:34
Barb suggests “angel trumpet” image is related to MT show 3-54:11
Carolyn says “last word” 3-54:41

explaining the quasar 1-19:02
Matthew’s Coyote Ugly 9/11 story 1-32:26
after-effect of the blood moon (the end of the beginning) 1-36:02
Alison’s surplus of synchronicities 1-45:01
explaining the Merkabah (“energy coefficient”) 1-47:48
Bob laughs at Richard because of our weekly piles of words 1-49:33
iON’s “mansion” metaphor for “sleep” 1-49:48
Carolyn gets bored 1-52:25
essence/heredity vs environment 1-52:46
iON ends with a rant on “fucking it up” 1-54:29
iON enters the second hour continuing rant about “fucking it up” 2-4:07
more on essence/heredity vs environment 2-6:36
tetrad as a deep picture of our “NOW” 2-9:42
iON’s narcissism 2-29:45
taking the “goodness” out of words (and what you want) 2-32:46
“Enochian light language” vs Enoch 2-34:40
John Dee, the Spanish Armada, Queen Elizabeth the First, and Camillla Parker Bowles 2-39:04
iON’s 3 phases of ascension 2-45:35
the hour ends with free-for-all and James does like “pussy” jokes 2-53:53
Sheila’s art question on Marc Chagall, Picasso, and “pigment” 3-15:50
iON slips in the Angel Diagram on “wavelength” and “chemistry” 3-18:30
who shot “J.R.” on “Dallas” (Pamela Ewing did it) 3-43:14
Bob ends show declaring iON taught him this past year how to lie better 3-54:59

eternity is divisible 1-7:34
there are no connections in matter 1-9:39
the first Black President 1-10:52
vincedelgato’s videos and Indiana Jones in the Bible 1-13:51
thousands of birds are dying and the “new Heaven” 1-16:04
the definition of the “non-physical” bird 1-20:56
Sacha calls in for a long call on her trends list 1-24:26
$14 trillion debt, no banking industry, and the non-Federal Reserve 1-33:03
electronic profiling, billboards, and books 1-34:47
privacy and future pattern-recognition software in shopping 1-39:27
Rift Router-Bob’s debate and children 1-44:35
EMP and the Internet 1-49:18
the saying of “interesting” (James) 1-52:17 and 2-8:29
iON comments on Sacha’s “I’m watching a show” 1-53:01
Sacha suggests “MysteryBook” to replace FaceBook 2-5:58
Ginny recalls the “fly on the wall” and asks about the difference between phatic communion, private creative use of the word, and speaking to an angel 2-10:50
“I speck not” and the “see of indecision” (probability of intention) 2-11:43
“interesting shit” 2-17:37
origins of the word “shit” (Ship High In Transit) 2-17:50
cotton and money as a commodity 2-21:56
Nick’s concern about the sinister effect of Monsanto’s seeds 2-23:46
the ascended won’t require reproduction 2-24:56
genetic alteration is good 2-29:01
iON’s media ecology 2-31:45
Carolyn (“doctor of the future”) inhales the chemtrails deeply 2-34:01
iON sings Jackson Browne’s “Doctor, my eyes have seen the years” 2-34:47
the economy and the homeless in Greece, more on commodities 2-37:43
iON cites the lyrics of “Doctor my eyes”, then sings the song 2-43:11
Alex sneaks back on the show 2-45:22
Green Bra’s second question (90 minutes later) about the “loud booms” (4.368 mega-frequency hz) and more on the dying birds 2-46:58
Bob and Carolyn drown out iON’s exposure of MT secrets 2-48:52
pubic hairs and dreads 2-49:52
more on the Continental Congress and the first Black President (“the United States are… not is”) 2-50:22
Ash and Duf to a clerk: “You’re wasting my unlimited minutes!” 2-53:29
the yellow dot-lights on the pictures between the chapters of “Fringe” (from the Amos Book in the Bible’s Old Testament) 2-54:11
Sue SkyGoddess’ call on flight pw 3-3:54
getting small in perspective 3-5:50
shifting between worlds -3-7:02
turbulence is the potential of pw 3-8:33
using one’s feelings as a gauge 3-11:53
forget the Law of Attraction and the Vortex, too 3-13:34
Germaine recommends Victoria’s Blog 3-21:47
Germaine’s six fashion trends for 2011 3-22:17
Germaine gives fashion advice to Sue SkyGoddess 3-25:08
difference between “trends” and “status quo” 3-26:01
ascension and fashion 3-34:29
“many will fall that do not engage this shift of this change” 3-35:43
many earthquakes since December 21/10 3-38:17
living for more 3-38:49
the 3 Jesuses and what they advocated 3-39:38
Ham saw Noah’s “junk” but for Noah it was no big deal 3-42:13
Bob suckers iON into answering a question on ascension 3-44:16
Bob quotes where iON is mentioned in Nostradamus 3-46:28
more on “the United States are” and the Federal Reserve 3-48:48
Sheila is told by iON that the first 2 hours of this show were all about her 3-52:44
the real purpose of the mind 3-52:51
iON says iON’s philosophy is captured in the lyrics to “All You Need Is Love” 3-54:07

the 4 WINDS came today
iON only asks questions 1-13:04
Julian Assange 1-16:06
The seal of the living God on the forehead 1-22:24
Virgin Mary and the Angel 1-27:21
iON tells a limerick about “Mary and the lamb” 1-28:28
the third Jesus was half a Nephilim 1-29:55
Giffords shooting 1-33:49
3rd Real HouseGagas of iONdom 1-35:07
Brian discusses the “vibrational proximity” of the Elect 1-52:23
Brian continues on subjectivity 2-4:04
Ash, Duf, Alison, and Teri = four winds 2-16:19
Ash desires the next level and iON answers with a Rev. 3:20 quote 2-22:24
iON explains Brian and Ash’s projections 2-27:49
iON quotes Ezekiel 20:(41-44) 2-29:45
iON explains the coming surplus of synchronicity 2-34:52
phosphorus will be a theme in the third “Donnie Darko” movie because of CASH FLOW 2-35:15
John of Patmos still alive? 2-36:22
Jill becomes our 12th listener 2-37:51
iON mentions how the “salt in your tears” controls angels 2-40:03
OJ Simpson’s troubles 2-42:57
Corey Haim’s “death” 2-45:50
“Course in Miracles” isn’t from Jesus 2-47:37
more on the “salt in your tears” 2-50:57
Richard from “bored in North Carolina” complains about our increasingly phatic show 2-52:32
“11:11” (Barbara) and 1/11/11 (James’ birthday) 3-4:45
“33” 3-6:14
the difference between JW’s knowledge and iON’s knowledge 3-7:12
zero-point energy and the oligarchy’s insanity 3-8:51
effects (boiling point, light waves, and acids…) of the magnetic north pole axis shifting (31st parallel euphoria) 3-9:15
weather paranoia 3-12:03
Germaine and denim 3-12:43
iON mentions the coming “state of the onion” address 3-16:48
Bob secretly replays McLuhan’s old Lufthansa joke 3-17:14
denim comes from a ban in Leviticus (“Levis”) 3-17:56
Socialist factor at the French VOGUE magazine 3-20:25
http://www.hottiecoutures.com 3-20:57
blood transfusions and ascension 3-21:44
no RH factor assists in ascension (not an equal opportunity) 3-21:57
key factors that promote the ascension process 3-22:36
3 phases of ascension 3-23:22
chromosome 14 and the “Mark of the Beast” 3-25:34
Rev.9:14 and the winds plus the “blood moon” (Dec.21/10) 3-25:41
asaScott compliments Bob for the HouseGagas of iONdom 3-26:44
“Dr. Who” and “Fringe” 3-27:13
Ash and Duf question Brian’s point about intrapersonal sovereignty 3-28:08
Bob claims his “thinking” at least provides content for the show (iON had said “we don’t think”) – 3-28:32
Youngblood Holden makes a phatic fool of himself again (3 cords of wood are wood-chucked) 3-28:50
iON loves “jumpingdeer” 3-29:10
iON questions Bill’s audience numbers 3-29:47
thunderstorms, gamma rays, antimatter, and thunder-lightning (“coughing is not sputem”) 3-30:32
coming back from a black hole (vs the vortex vs the singularity) and the “fifth trumpet” 3-31:48
the Crab Nebula 3-32:53
more on the scientists’ definition of anti-matter and the “terrible crystal” (Ez.1:22) 3-33:28
more on gamma rays 3-35:02
iON shrewdly puns on politeness (“pole light”) and drunkenness 3-35:31
iON advises asaScott 3-35:55
Paula Dean’s story 3-38:04
Sheila and Carolyn and toaster synchronicity (message to Brian’s topic) 3-39:32
more on the Crab Nebula (Rev.8-10 and the “third trumpet”) 3-40:33
Deb points out that denim is “mined” backwards 3-40:48
Alannah’s triangulation, dreams, alarm clock, and the music in “Inception” 3-41:06
many parallel selves and the Guf 3-41:33
more on craving chemtrails and the Tea Party 3-42:05
getting the “bread of life and living water” 3-43:35
BOW and Bob 3-44:05
Sheila’s art question: Georgia O’Keefe 3-45:04
naked vs nekkid (“no clothes on and up to something”) 3-46:06
Bob’s joke: Jackson Pollock and fallopian tubes 3-47:01
Alex’s 10th wedding anniversary 3-48:00
Nick on Greece and Nazi oil searches, and Russia’s Gazprom 3-48:51
more on chemtrails and farmers seeing rain in the old days 3-51:20
Robert’s call from the UK 3-52:02
iON mentions the coming “BobBot” 3-53:44
iON’s effect on Maria’s Chip Body 3-53:54
Bob says his chart is in the Bible 3-54:40
Bob can call a legion of angels this “be-nice-to-Bob” week 3-54:53

Sheila’s art question: William Turner 1-5:18
Bob hints there’s something anticipated on the show 1-10:08
Carolyn and Sheila’s ESP 1-13:25
astral projection vs pw 1-15:52
definition of toast and toaster 1-17:10
mathematical format for “relaxing” 1-18:09
James and being “toasted” 1-19:32
James declares he will announce “cold fusion” when it happens with Kim Kardashian 1-25:02
more on 11:11 and the “blood moon” and the four winds 1-29:04
the new Zodiac 1-32:28
the Bible’s flood and the flood coming 1-33:52
Atlantis is coming 1-37:24
iON mentions the spying Dan Winter 1-39:09
definition of “building an Ark” 1-39:14
Matthew Rose’s “trial” over reciprocity 1-40:31
questions are better than answers 1-51:14
benefits of hemp oil 2-8:34
racial choices at birth 2-11:46
completing the mathematical formula from the “Relax” recording 2-13:46
Michael’s “first question” 2-15:49
iON teases Bill, the owner of achieveradio.com 2-23:15
does astrology affect Bob’s chart? 2-24:02
floods in Australia 2-27:30
200 dead cows in Wisconsin and the “ascending” 2-27:46
Michael asks “how did I get this lucky?” 2-29:09
the first iONette wedding 2-30:59
“spurn not the sperm!” 2-31:35
who is Yahweh? 2-33:37
is there money? 2-34:26
Bob’s attempt to confuse the “alphabet people” 2-42:05
MJ’s tour with JW 2-43:29
travelling to nicer pw’s 2-46:16
more on money through a caller’s financial concern 2-48:07
“the divine tactility of the android meme” and writing books 3-4:30
Moses’ ten commandments 3-6:47
MJ’s advice to Bob 3-9:10
Ashley’s call (TADAAAH!) 3-10:01
angels don’t have tears 3-11:25
Angel discusses her bodily changes 3-13:15
Bob demonstrates “tactility” with iON 3-14:01
how to acquire the “living water” 3-14:44
ph consistency 3-19:25
Bob warns everyone to avoid visiting JW 3-21:09
Bob says the four winds blowing are the quadrophrenic Android Meme 3-22:24
McLuhan and the light bulb’s effect 3-23:35
“Unknowns Anonymous” mentioned 3-24:52
the meaning of “physical” 3-25:28
the meaning of “non-physical” 3-28:33
the disservices of the “non-physical” 3-29:48
John Dee’s inadequate “Enochian alphabet” 3-32:14
activation of chromosome 14 3-33:12
more on the disservices of the “non-physical” 3-34:48
iON’s rant on questioning 3-37:07
Barb’s dream of the angel and the trumpet 3-38:57
9/11 and iON’s warning about pinpointing tachyons 3-39:39
iridium is a better investment than palladium 3-40:46
William Blake’s “less than… less than” mystical vision 3-41:28
economic and debt slavery in America? 3-42:31
the Antikythera Mechanism and its “future” digital aspects with Isabella 3-47:03
more from MJ about his visit with JW after meeting Chad 3-50:45
iON sneaks in a message to Carolyn about sulphuric acid and/or the effect of a compounded hydrochloric acid on silk 3-51:28
MJ as a “spy” from a pw (issue of the i4 cell phones) 3-51:45
the effect of the group-mind battles on science’s “facts” and perception 3-52:40
griffins 3-53:11
Bob repeats Cheryl’s question on the effect of the group-mind battles on science’s “facts” and perception 3-54:08

tone, irony, intention, and words 1-4:12
time and eternity 1-21:54
Wikileaks stories 1-28:04
China’s President Hu can foreclose on America 1-39:00
Scientology 1-45:05
ex-Scientologist continues her call 2-3:57
"hendiadys" 2-22:01
"tri-hendiadys" 2-32:25
“medium” 2-39:15
Food Safety Bill and small businesses 2-49:25
NESARA 2-52:25
how the Android Meme allowed iON to manifest 2-52:37
iON gives the key to talking effectively with the “Central Scrutinizer” (a musical environment) when you call into CASH FLOW (this point was not understood by some on Tailgate a few hours later as shown by their utterances) 2-54:41
Elijah and the Jubilee Year 3-3:50
iONette Larry White sings on a recorded Sacred Harp CD 3-4:54
more on the Jubilee Year 3-6:34
the Akashic Records 3-7:14
replay of Barbara’s 1/12/11 question of “many parallel selves and the Guf” 3-9:09
iON replays (once again) the effect of the Ark of the Covenant 3-10:02
iONette Tim laughs at his doctor 3-11:13
David Worcester can’t find anyone who’s real 3-16:55
iON says “Rhyee went back to Essence and we haven’t forgiven him, yet” 3-17:11
iON cites examples of the Internet in the Bible 3-17:16
Trevor brings up the “Archons” and iON cites a formula for push-ups (“the platitude bypasses the viscissitude”) 3-19:43
iON quotes from “The Karate Kid” 3-21:55
Noah’s Ark doesn’t refer to electric technology 3-22:31
listener says WikiLeaks is “boring Bob” 3-23:08
the Swiss fund WikiLeaks to create disinformation 3-25:26
what Julian Assange is doing now 3-25:50
the origins of alcohol and meat consumption (wanted amino acids for ascension) 3-26:44
more on Scientology (the “murder” of L. Ron Hubbard – iON cites the year) 3-27:33
Hubbard’s “technology” is in Sussex 3-28:57
iON doesn’t care if they are wrong (“made you listen!”) 3-29:16
“bad” John Travolta vs. Tom Cruise 3-31:07
iON does a great rant/summary of Scientology 3-31:40
iON goes after Bill (the owner of Achieveradio.com) again over the number of our listeners 3-33:26
more on tone, words, and anxiety 3-34:56
Alex hijacks the show when iON et al. lose their phone connection 3-37:07
paranoid Alex tells the L. Ron Hubbard-Jack Parsons story 3-39:26
iON demonstrates that they knew what was said by Alex while our phone was disconnected 3-44:43
Sheila’s art question about Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling painting 3-47:47
Bob requests to meet Shari from San Francisco 3-52:07
more on Scientology’s mastery of “mind control” 3-52:46
the Gnostic view of the ARCHONS 3-54:25

James says he always censors himself on CASH FLOW 1-2:51
how iON experiences perception 1-5:16
iON uncensors itself 1-9:03
iON comments on human stupidity 1-9:57
iON prefers our becoming more “eloquent” 1-12:46
Bob becomes the “dark soul” 1-14:17
McLuhan’s laws of media do not hold as deeply as the laws of nature 1-17:21
John Dewey on “lying” scientific principles 1-17:32
iON’s changing tone 1-19:36
on being “more than” rather than “less than” 1-23:16
Larry Hagman of “Dallas” is coming back with a new pilot 1-30:57
the groundhog didn’t see his shadow (meaning an early Spring [“around the first of June” says iON]) 1-32:41
Rockwall, the underground city, east of Dallas does exist 1-33:35
how the Chip Body is empowering the Chemical Body (iON cites the “World of Warcraft”, “Black Mesa”, and not being able to shut off the over-protected satellite environment) 1-35:28
the difference between meteors and meteorites 1-46:53
bullet control is more effective than gun control 1-49:05
Egyptian turmoil is an effect of the “howling” winds (the Bible’s “Jubilee Year” has started) 1-49:26
updated weather report by iON 1-49:56
the Chip Body and the Chemical Body will become as one (as mimed by FINNEGANS WAKE [1939] and not “1984” or “Brave New World” although iON thinks more can be known conceptually about FW) 1-53:26
bob’s birthday today and is discussed 2-3:26
hendiadys and tri-hendiadys 2-5:22
iON describes “perspective” being positioned centrally 2-7:54
iON interviews Sheila 2-10:58
“The Real HouseGagas of iONdom” #4 2-17:54
Sheila comments after hearing herself with Alison for 15 minutes 2-32:59
Sheila thinks it all comes back to sex 2-34:10
iON responds explaining the connection to “pH”, the “non-physical”, and the vortex 2-34:36
Alex calls into the show 2-49:29
Alex is upset that Kenneth Grant, the last Crowleyite, had recently transitioned 2-49:52
Marjorie Cameron and “Rosemary’s Baby” 2-53:16
Arthur Lee of the band, Love, and the album “Forever Changes” 3-3:21
“two versions of a dual perspective” 3-7:40
more on Marjorie Cameron and Jack Parsons 3-8:03
iON comments on Moon Unit Zappa and Aleister Crowley 3-9:24
Babalon, the Internet, Babylon, and Rhyee 3-10:58
more on Samaria and Kenneth Grant 3-14:59
more on Marjorie Cameron, Kenneth Anger, and Charles Manson 3-15:20
why iON is not impressed with Aleister Crowley 3-16:02
Alex’s paranoia and alt.slack 3-17:16
Germain discusses Diane von Furstenberg’s new rules for the models’ employers 3-19:26
the mind is not a useful guardian of our reality 3-34:02
Anonymous’ father is not alive “in this world” 3-34:45
the Ark is the color of gopher wood 3-34:56
altering the frequency of tap water doesn’t create “living water” 3-35:05
dreams are not all pw 3-35:14
JW and iON visited “s”’s kitchen 3-35:44
the Egyptians are coming into their power 3-37:07
the next leader of Egypt will be Nostradamus’ “Mabus” 3-37:30
what Thoth tried to explain in the Emerald Tablets 3-38:44
like-frequency-things attract each other 3-39:46
iON explains the difference between duality and twinning 3-41:06
acid is not a negative 3-41:21
Mentor criticizes iON’s “science” 3-42:06
Duffy taunts iON’s Vestal Goodman 3-46:05
George Harrison faked his death and is living in South Beach 3-46:44
Angela screams “Why?” 3-47:26
Secretariat the Triple Crown winner and the owner 3-48:24
iON as Secretariat explains a tiny bit more about the ARCHONS 3-52:34
more on Secretariat’s non-physical “roots” (Bold Ruler and Something Royal) 3-53:59
Rob from Tottenham mumbles us to the closing bell 3-54:44

Carolyn discusses the problem of sugar with iON 1-3:12
WikiLeak’s “doomsday file” 1-17:41
password encryption (Cobalt and Fortran) 1-25:49
iON does Beavis and Butt-Head 1-28:58
the future of barter 1-29:17
real estate prices will continue to decline 1-30:25
many Americans will not come into their power as Egyptians now are 1-30:30
Mubarak is out 1-31:48
taxes in Egypt 1-34:11
valuable Lighthouse stones found in Alexandria 1-34:54
peanut butter sandwich metaphor doesn’t apply to the “bread of life” 1-35:50
plants are not non-physical 1-39:31
iONic logic 1-41:17
why do we descend? 1-41:58
iON’s rant on the priests’ rules 1-42:45
parenting accelerates descension 1-44:12
is listening the “flower of evil”? 1-45:37
the “Pale Horse” in an Egyptian video 1-47:24
parallel worlding is subtle? 1-50:27
the difference between a “frequency field” and a “medium” 1-52:38
one can send a storm to protect a place but not a person 1-54:26
Nostradamus was right about “Mabus” 2-6:29
Hawaiians 2-10:30
more on the password to WikiLeaks 2-11:55
the definition of “McLuhanesque” 2-12:24
“sell stock in publishing companies” 2-12:56
Bob threatens to “ascend” and stop talking and listening 2-14:16
FDA issues literal warning on a new-drug label - “Death” 2-14:48
fibromyalgia 2-17:43
floods in Australia 2-18:08
chemtrails in Australia 2-21:26
“Did you hear that, James… are you getting this?” 2-22:18
will the Federal Reserve and the IRS disappear? 2-22:54
America is living at the highest decibels of spiritual “not listening” 2-25:19
Oprah Winfrey’s show limps along 2-26:47
it’s now a post-listening society 2-27:56
“Jersey Shore” show 2-28:04
bread slices are fresher when you’re happy 2-28:45
iON does a rant on Viagra commercials 2-29:03
auditioning in Hollywood is only for drug commercials 2-30:03
how the sense of community is served by huge fads (“Hot in Cleveland”) in consumption 2-31:31
iON sings the theme song from “Green Acres” 2-32:26
more on how the sense of community is served by huge fads (“American Idol”) in consumption 2-33:24
John of God in Brazil 2-34:02
iON rants hilariously on how Bob taunts everyone with the “bread of water” 2-35:36
more on John of God 2-36:10
surgery as a “great placebo” (confirmed by Scripture) 2-37:33
John of God’s “trick” 2-38:19
“the eye is the strongest muscle in the body” 2-39:33
“’ascension’ means that you’re not there, yet” (“many people are mastering the impossible these days”) 2-40:27
more on John of God 2-40:42
how “specific gravity” in the cells causes weight loss or gain 2-41:57
iON puns on “re-aline”, the label, and the Greek arch 2-44:23
“Mentor” retackles iON’s scientific knowledge (especially on Fortran and Cobalt) 2-46:52
Germain tells how Tom Ford’s exclusivity is influencing Fashion Week 3-4:46
Ray Kurzweil’s “spiritual machines” 3-17:46
tracking down “Mentor” 3-25:02
more on Fortran, Cobalt, Basic, and binary code 3-30:23
“Mentor” asks if iON is a disinfo agent 3-33:11
Earl returns 3-38:28
significance of online-game “World of Warcraft” 3-39:58
Sheila’s art question about Michelangelo’s “David” sculpture 3-42:05
the marble for “David” came from a parallel world 3-47:54
iON cites the Super Bowl’s Scion car commercial with a black hole 3-48:50
“Mentor” claims we can’t trace him/her 3-49:16
Earl responds again and claims iON is a “word whore” and Bob is a “bullshitter” or vice versa 3-52:02
iON gives 2 great tips to squelch telemarketers 3-53:14
we’re accused of being “false Christs” (Matthew 24:24) 3-54:23
is the Anti-Christ an individual or a consortium? 3-56:02
commercials creating “restless-leg” syndrome in a 17-year old 3-56:26

Cheryl’s “letter of joy” to CASH FLOW 1-3:44
the low sales for the Book of Revelations series 1-7:52
why did we come here? 1-10:39
whether to be a “healer” 1-12:03
Bill complains about our 11 listeners 1-13:23
the Lindbergh baby kidnapped itself 1-16:01
rant on Sir Isaac Newton’s “gravity” discovery
NASA is “done” 1-20:24
iON recommends the eating of pigs not plants 1-21:01
necessary amino acids are not found in tofu 1-21:15
Bob’s “ascential” amino acids 1-22:48
vegetarian protest on Rodeo Drive 1-22:56
animal slaughter 1-24:30
our pain is due to the mind’s confusion 1-26:39
iON claims to have blown up people’s computers 1-27:59
iON does a rant on the autonomic nervous system 1-28:27
iON’s concept of “transpoint positional setpoint” 1-29:55
iON’s rant on the pain of being tofu 1-36:54
iON schemes on becoming Bill’s friend so they can get Vestal Goodman’s music played again on CASH FLOW 1-37:45
iON refuses to discuss the TV mini-series on St. Valentine 1-37:53
Braco heals by staring into a crowd 1-39:05
iON mentions Egypt’s “facial” and predicts the same for Yemen, Syria, and Jordan 1-43:01
iON says Egypt’s population is under 50 million 1-43:25
more “flippery” at an upcoming UFO Festival 1-44:00
Bob reads headlines from the Exopolitics movement 1-47:14
The UN’s committee to greet ET’s 1-49:18
Bob fails to evoke an “intense experience” in the last 14 seconds of the first hour 1-54:39
iON advocates the abused “lightworkers” become “slackers” 2-4:51
eating meat means one is eating the “non-physical”? 2-6:38
Madison, Wisconsin, is not going to turn into “Cairo, Egypt”? 2-12:35
signs indicate CASH FLOW inspired the Egyptian protests 2-14:04
iON suggests “CASH FLOW” should be changed to “PAYROLL” 2-15:38
little Dr. Carolyn Dean’s fairy tale about Moses’ followers 2-16:49
iON anticipates and pokes fun at the next topic/question – “Eileen J. Garrett” 2-21:14
Eileen J. Garrett, the Irish medium (1893-1970) 2-21:42
on desiring meat 2-24:44
desiring vs. wanting vs. non-desiring 2-25:24
creating vs. desiring 2-27:54
Youngblood calls in to make sure he was helping make the show really good 2-36:24
Bob gets hacked 2-38:44
Rob from Tottenham calls in 2-40:12
Mubarak 2-41:53
Egyptian signs are in English and they thank Bob – 2:44:46
the raped reporter Lara Logan 2-46:47
Anderson Cooper and more on Lara Logan/”Jersey Shore” 2-49:48
iON recommends eating meat in tartare mode 2-51:53
population of Egypt may be 77 million 2-52:01
more on Bob’s hacked screen 2-52:24
Spencer’s desired poker “losses” and Doyle Brunson 2-53:08
TV killed the parallel-worlding San Francisco musicians in 1967 3-5:24
more on Spencer’s poker playing 3-17:10
iON’s rant on not telling 3-20:20
absolutely incredible rant on poker slang by iON 3-21:44
U.S national debt is more money than “is” 3-25:00
how Mexico will fare economically 3-26:19
more on “LDS” 3-27:12
what we choose at birth (conception begins at arousal) 3-27:34
we live more quickly than can be registered 3-28:11
iON cites Bob’s play “Hand Signals for the Blind” 3-38:28
questions about the “force field of love” 3-38:38
frequency of the force field of love is “4.8376” 3-41:02
Sheila’s second phase of questions about Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel ceiling painting 3-44:19
the amygdala’s purpose 3-49:14
Barbara discovers there are 2 “Jim’s” (her boyfriend) 3-50:00
a listener refutes iON’s assessment of our money supply’s interest 3-50:25
iON imitates Glenn Beck’s crying 3-53:41

chanting and Carmina Burana 1-3:17
“Fringe” episode “6B” 1-6:49
latest “Time” magazine had Ray Kurzweil on the cover 1-9:25
more on “Fringe”, the iONized scientist, and how it’s written 1-11:34
iON’s filibuster on the difference between residue, ghost, and soul 1-16:32
Anica asks about pre-cognition and dreams 1-46:34
iON explains the fate of Anica’s father 1-52:28
Anica talks about her experiences with the “light bulb” 2-3:59
Bob is sabotaged by Carolyn as he tries to describe to Anica the insight from the Book of Revelation about the effect of literacy on our sense of the “extra-ordinary” 2-9:18
iON explains “orbs” and their occupants (us from our future) 2-15:01
translation of “How’s your mummer nem?” 2-18:54
James and Bob’s responsibility for someone’s credit problems in Japan 2-20:59
history of the Japanese emphasis on “saving face” 2-26:01
the four possible causes of the social emollient of fear: cultural norm-functioning, collective phobia, national myth-making, or individual sensation 2-37:46
why Carolyn is fearless 2-39:58
where our conditioning comes from 2-46:18
suicide in Japan 2-50:14
how iON is an exaggerated extension of Bob 2-51:17
being a “spiritual entrepreneur” is a false premise 2-51:47
more on “Fringe” and Bob’s lack of memory 3-5:02
Pavlov’s dog ate Schrodinger’s Cat 3-7:43
the mind as an autonomic function 3-10:04
Germain meets Ray Kurzweil 3-15:20
the singularity 3-26:59
Ashley calls in 3-32:12
neuro-linguistic programming 3-32:32
“thinking outside the box” 3-35:17
“time” is becoming a silly experience 3-40:56
Sheila’s art question: Raphael 3-44:00
“third Kingdom” 3-46:42
Earl praises Bob’s skirting of the perennial rabbit hole 3-47:12
children do not come forth with the correct RNA or DNA required to ascend with 3-47:50
“Urantia Book” is not so truthful 3-48:32
“A Course in Miracles” is not so truthful 3-48:57
Bob, Prince Charles, and the Royal Wedding 3-49:41
Tiger Woods 3-49:59
the chemtrails and radioactivity are OK in our future 3-50:33
more on apparitions vs. residue 3-51:32
Star Wars 3-52:17
becoming isolated while listening to iON 3-52:31
“Unknowns Anonymous” 3-53:06
Bob as talking in the Schrodinger’s Cat box 3-53:34
James’ Pavlovian “pussy” response 3-54:07
Lady Gaga was “on the edge” at the Grammies 3-54:29
Earl “talked to” the second Jesus 3-55:17

Charlie Sheen and Jane Russell 1-4:25
postie from the UK wants more attention on chemtrails 1-26:35
JFK and a gold-backed economy 1-38:35
the government shutdown will occur on March 18 1-42:15
“why there is no money” is not answered? 1-42:41
iON tells a “Popeye” story about Wimpy 1-46:01
why are the Chinese stopping the world economy? 1-46:38
why distractions like “American Idol” save our economy 1-47:23
iON predicts what the outcome will be for Charlie Sheen ($322.5 million settlement) 1-49:34
the ancient “MGM trick” 1-52:22
“may they all rest in Peace until Bob gets there” 1-52:32
Charlie Sheen as Rumpelstiltskin (see Bob’s chart and Bob’s radio play, “Who’s Forgotten Furry Lint?”) 1-53:04
Alex Jones’ involvement 1-54:00
more on Charlie Sheen 2-10:31
Michael Cottrell 2-17:01
Bill Ryan and “Charles” 2-27:22
RnA drops 2-30:28
skin rashes 2-39:25
winning in poker tournements 2-42:09
iON gives a poker tip to Spencer as an aside 2-45:23
Jane Russell’s bra 2-45:32
more on chemtrails 2-50:45
Bob announces he’s another “Bob” 2-52:13
why barium aluminum is in the Book of Revelations 2-52:19
Bob adopts a new “whispering” voice 3-6:01
iON predicts the fate of the Washington bureaucracy on March 18, 2011 3-8:45
Germain on John Galliano 3-9:22
more on Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen 3-26:27
“quadrophrenia” explained 3-28:46
more on “posties” 3-29:52
addiction 3-30:13
more on Bill Ryan 3-30:31
the colors of the Ark of the Covenant 3-31:24
more on the RnA drops 3-32:35
Bob explains “iON” as opposed to Edgar Cayce 3-33:28
buying precious metals 3-34:32
Bob plays with the sound effects 3-35:36
more on the RnA drops and the “God particle” 3-36:32
iON as “putting tachyons in our pocket” 3-37:09
synchronicity vs “taking your power” indifferently 3-38:43
more on the RnA drops 3-39:54
iON gives the RnA drops’ dosage for Duffy and Ash 3-40:57
Reagan’s “Star Wars” did happen and what Michael Cottrell doesn’t know 3-44:04
April 4, 2008 and Chris Story 3-44:42
Sheila’s art question #17 about Caravaggio 3-45:29
iON guesses what James, then Sheila, is thinking right now 3-48:44
more on Caravaggio’s many selves 3-49:20
more on the RnA drops 3-52:17
iON and JW explained 3-53:47
“DEB” explained 3-54:52


Bob Neveritt

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Charlie Sheen does Bob 1-2:30
last 30 sec. of the March 7 “The Event” does Bob 1-6:38
“connection” as synchronicity in a recent “Fringe” episode 1-11:23
there aren’t any laws of probability 1-14:57
the “Android Sheen” 1-15:43
iON anticipates (a few days before the tsunami) the effect of the nuclear meltdown in Japan 1-16:03
iON connects with the lysine/amino acid factor in “Jurassic Park” (1993) 1-18:24
Bob disgusts the whole world 1-21:13
Charlie Sheen’s avoidance of brandname-identification 1-21:39
Bob gives an “amazing” (Alison) media-structural/perceptual lesson 1-22:07
iON’s media lesson on the “rim of capacity” 1-32:02
the Evergreens (1974-2004) updated the “psychic” world (Astral Body) to the features of the electric-analog (one-way broadcasting) world whereas iON updates the “psychic” world to the features of the digital-interactive worlds (Android Meme and Mystery Body) and becomes the Google/Android Meme’s anti-environment 1-35:36
the Voynich manuscript is (“calculating perspective in an infinity field”) from Samaria 1-38:52
iON reinforces Bob’s point about the origins of “visual space” using the Voynich manuscript (a playfair cipher) as an example 1-43:10
the future of inflation 1-47:26
finding a job 1-48:30
more on Charlie Sheen’s “taking his power” 1-49:28
Lindsey Williams and the collapse of the dollar 1-51:48
the fake-out of the Libya oil crisis on behalf of the vast oil reserves in nationalized salt mines 1-53:49
Bob Dylan describes the attitude of Charlie Sheen before Android Sheen 2-5:01
more on the fake-out of the Libya oil crisis with precise statistical background provided by iON 2-6:14
the background to the cloned “industrial” explosion in China being followed by the cloning of the American “post-industrial” media implosion 2-11:20
Bob’s predicted “return of human scale” for the actors of the Global Theater catalyzed by Android Sheen 2-15:58
Ashley wants to know the “six degrees of separation” about the RnA drops as she loses 4 inches off her waist after a few days ingestion of the RnA drops 2-21:22
iON anticipates the anti-gravity theme in the “Fringe” coming up in 2 days 2-25:18
Connie one-ups Android Sheen with “grinning!” 2-26:29
Ashley wonders if she can re-grow Duf’s foreskin with RnA drops 2-27:51
the new “Heaven on Earth” is completely NEW!! (not like it is/was) 2-29:15
Michael Moore and McLuhan’s “law of the money medium” 2-31:29
iON tells the secret of post-modern shipping of shoes 2-33:33
iON keeps pointing out that Bob is gathering all the gold around himself 2-33:59
“Does the phatic have polarity within the spoken word?” 2-36:08
Android Sheen’s “Joycean gibbersquat” 2-37:26
a question on the dosage of the RnA drops (“where less is more”) veers into tips on poker-playing 2-37:39
Alannah has questions inspired by “The Adjustment Bureau” 2-40:00
“winning Andrew Meme” is taping us 2-41:52
nighttime energy rushes are not Laura’s “galactic family” 2-43:06
“well dung” or “well hung” from Tottenham’s Robert 2-43:44
the Elenin comet 2-44:46
iON predicts the tsunami disaster in 72 hours 2-45:14
vitamin D supplement vs. artificial tanning in the winter 2-45:31
Chromosome 14 is a “Xerox machine” of the body’s polypeptide bonds 2-45:45
iON starts Chip-Body whispering about the old “meme”-ograph technology before Xerox 2-47:10
the wave of love 2-49:26
the autonomic system 2-49:53
Who’s controlling the weather and the chemtrails? 2-51:59
iON adds his Vestal Goodman songs through the phone and an election breaks out 3-6:54
Albert Pike’s concept of salt and light, and his Angels 3-15:59
Albert Pike missed “ascension” 3-17:58
Virginia votes for iON to program the song Intro to the third hour 3-18:26
Lance the Postie from the U.K. saw himself in a UFO 3-21:24
The future of a North American currency 3-22:01
the seven heavens 3-22:52
“Fringe” will have more seasons 3-23:15
belief’s role in the RnA drops 3-24:42
no difference between the “galactic federation” and humans on Earth 3-25:35
RnA drops are in bottle form at rnadrops.com 3-26:19
“The Event”’s aliens vs the consumers of RnA drops 3-27:00
the benefits of consuming chemtrails 3-27:54
Harold Camping’s prediction for the “Rupture” on May 21/11 3-29:26
“if” vs. “yes” 3-34:24
“DJ Bride” gets a few votes to program the show 3-34:59
Bob plays the recording of himself from his first CKLN-FM show on June 17, 1987, to compare his megalomania with Android Sheen’s 3-35:14
eyes and “seeing” as one gets older 3-38:16
how our grandchildren came before us 3-40:16
the incomplete pyramids of Egypt (missing the capstones) 3-40:37
the RnA drops are mentioned in the Book of Revelation 3-41:28
scalar weapons did not bring down the Twin Towers on 9/11 3-42:24
“perspective of proximity” 3-42:58
Bob hides in his bathroom from the repairman and doesn’t have an anomaly 3-43:22
Sheila’s art question about Henry Fuseli’s “The Nightmare” 3-44:15
no Hutchison effect on the Twin Towers 3-52:12
geometry applied to transporting objects from a parallel world 3-52:28
Mary Magdalene knew all 3 Jesuses and is still alive 3-52:45
Women’s Month for the Intros to hour 3 of Payroll 3-53:54
Bob plays havoc with the sound effects device 3-54:32

discussion of how iON predicted the Japanese earthquake during previous show 1-5:21
Akito’s socks 1-7:45
Dustin Webber didn’t die 1-14:10
the melting nuclear reactor called “purple” 1-17:54
Why did Bob and Carolyn move to Maui? 1-19:02
re-distribute the wealth, then “rinse and repeat” 1-20:15
thinking about our autonomic system and the rotting corpse 1-24:52
amino acids in “ReAline” vs. potassium iodine in responding to radiation 1-31:08
“don’t take RnA drops… take RnA drops” 1-34:00
iON rants on why they look forward to more chemtrails 1-36:30
angels are fierce warriors 1-37:57
iON discusses “destiny, predestiny” 1-40:01
more on why Bob and Carolyn moved to Maui 1-40:46
are we travelling at warp speed? 1-43:23
choice vs. specialist repetition 1-44:32
the meaning of “over and over” 1-47:15
more on RnA drops and the RNA 1-48:03
why does external substance affect people? 1-49:13
more on the autonomic nervous system and the limbic system 1-50:28
how to resurrect the Android Meme 1-51:57
Chromosome 14 has an effect on the Beta and Theta waves (“the thought pattern is contained within the vibrational frequency”) 1-53:14
the duality of duality means there is quadrophrenia in everything 1-53:58
iON slips in the graphing knowledge about “before” 1-54:27
triangulation of four points of duality 2-4:51
fractal antennae and the image of one’s body 2-5:20
the “buyiON” infomercial 2-7:30
“The Real HouseGagas of iONdom” #5 2-9:50
Alison is correct about anti-gravity reference by iON during the 3/2 show 2-30:46
Hal Holbrook’s scene in “The Event” 2-31:37
“forgetting” in the tetrad 2-32:19
singing, tone, and word paranoia 2-34:29
dead sardines found in Southern California at Redondo Beach 2-44:40
H197 being pumped out of the nuclear reactors in Japan 2-47:35
quadrophrenia recommended 2-47:50
What’s being hidden by the Japanese? 2-50:49
Emperor of Japan’s response (ready to sell his yen) 2-52:52
there was a nuclear meltdown 2-53:06
Akito’s influence 2-54:06
Califia calls in 3-5:22
memo from Earl 3-16:00
letter from Leo Wanta read by James 3-21:59
Califia’s murder 3-40:10
Burt Goldman’s quantum jumping 3-44:16
amygdala and the “limbic twitch” 3-44:39
the release of the winds and the Japanese earthquake 3-45:33
email from Leo Wanta and iON’s response 3-46:40
“the hurt iON” 3-49:24 and 3-50:28
being bitten by the “non-physical” 3-50:31
radiation is desirable for ascension 3-52:37
iON takes a final dig at Leo Wanta 3-53:12

Bob Neveritt

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