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 Post subject: Psychiatric help please? that will be 5 cents from Dr. Ion.
PostPosted: February 4th, 2012, 7:08 pm 
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Story Line: Angel Rose is thinking!
Resolution: the 3-2-1 process
Players as follows:
Angel Rose: patient, simple-minded humanoid,
Dr. Ion: psychiatrist of non-physical, entrepreneur, visionary of the no-time mentality, universal politician, creator of all, power of authority, parallel world traveler, comedian, know-it-all, non-thinker, Hollywood gossip commentator, meteorologist, inventor, professor of all, bullshiter, philosopher, brownie delivery service to Bob and Dr. Carolyn Dean's home, Queen Elizabeth's Advisor, radio talk show host, utuber, blogger, fashion advisor, RNA creator, Analysis reporter of humans, Wikipedia god, leader of the ionettes, Bob's right-hand man!!!!(more to come...)

Angel Rose: "Doctor, you should know me well enough by now that I never really think much during my days. I just get through life without any thought to anything I do. My days are fairly simple and stupid like when I wake up in the mornings first thing I do is open my eyes. Then sometimes when I'm hungry, I eat. The rest of my day is fairly simple. I just sit for long periods of time with nothing in my head. But then there are times when I go on the internet and listen to archives on this guy named Bob Neveritt or Bob Dobbs, not really sure what his name is as he has about a hundered of them. Anyway he lives in Hawaii with a young Doctor that keeps him. Bob loves to eat lots and lots of ice cream. In a way, he's alot like me just going about his day with no thought to it! He talks so much that at times I have to turn him off because my brain goes in overload with so much of his jabbering. It's really weird listening to him. Anyway, getting back to my problem, I guess one could say that I’m kinda in a “zombie” state most days. But lately I’ve been having these weird kind of things going off in my head like bullets dodging at galatic speeds bouncing off my brain neurons. I’m really scared Doc? Do you think that I could actually be thinking something?"

Dr. Ion: "Well, Angel Rose, before we get started on this menagerie road of “gobly gook" bullets dodging at galatic speeds bouncing off your brain neurons, let us begin by getting the logistics out of the way, that will be 5 cents please? Okay, now let’s get to work.

Hmmmmm. well Angel Rose, non-physical has a recommendation that we feel may help get the “shit” out of your brain. We call it the 3-2-1 process.
Here’s what you do. First, have a thought. Like the ones you are currently experiencing? Second, imagine that thought, visualize, dream it, see it, paint a picture of it, hang it up in your world somewhere you can see it daily. Thirdly, if you have no rules about the thought, allow non-physical to orchestrate the entire event. Don’t think about it anymore, never mind it, just let it go. If you have to clean up on aisle #5, then you have rules which extends the process of non-physical doing it's job. It’s all about relaxing and allowing at this stage of the process."

Angel Rose: "But Doc, shouldn’t I be doing something to help speed up the process?

Dr. Ion: "Give it no attention at all. Allow non-physical to do all the work. All of a sudden, boom, there it is! It's the darnest and craziest thing, the thought becomes reality and comes alive!" Think of it this way, you don't have to think anymore, you'll know!

Angel Rose: "Wow Doctor. That seems sounds like some kind of science fiction thriller!"

Dr. Ion: "Non-physical would have to agree with you Angel Rose. Now please stop thinking, non-physical is exhausted working the enormity of this problem. We will need to collect another “5 cents, please to cover problem overload today!"

Angel Rose: " :? "

Angel Rose

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